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People enjoying their pizza in Bend!

Bend Loves Pizza!

If there is one thing we know for sure… Bend loves to order pizza. We are super happy that Bend has embraced our efforts to bring the taste of New York style pizza to the streets of Bend! We know that small towns can be tough to break into and gain the trust of the people that have been here for years, and even generations. However, we have put our hearts into our pizza, and the people of Bend noticed.

From fresh ingredients, to welcoming our guests with a smile, Bronx Born Pizza always tries to deliver the best we possibly can. We know that we cannot make all of the people happy all of the time, but we sure can try. And when we fall short (whaaaaat?), we always appreciate our customers coming to us first and helping us understand where we can make improvements.

What is New York style pizza you ask…

Bronx Born Pizza was built on the hard work and effort of people that know and understand the needs of people who want (and need) a nice and clean place to sit down, have a slice of pie, and enjoy a drink! We always make sure and keep our shop clean, orderly, and inviting.

Stop into Bronx Born Pizza today and place your order. We will continue to warm your belly with the best pizza in Bend, and cool you off with a local brew of your choice. Thank you for supporting our efforts, as we continue to fill your bellies!

Bronx Born Pizza is so good, it’s almost criminal!

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